Renewing Your Mind

A Transformational Collaborative

As a Small Business Owner is any of this true for you?

  • Do you feel like you're getting in your own way?
  • Do you say "I'm my own worst enemy?"
  • You're doing stuff but not getting the results you want?
  • You procrastinate on the things you really want to do?

Will you continue as is or get help?

Without help you're likely to continue beating yourself up for unmet goals and lack luster results.

Feeling like your not capable or not good enough. 

Repeating unhealthy habits that result in lost business, health issues, low bank balances, etc.

 Most of us know Einstein's defenition of insanity.

We're Designed for Community

With help from others your load both physical and emotional is lightened. 

When you learn to talk kindly to yourself and others, you accomplish more and feel happier.

All this results in greater accomplishments, improved relationships, more confidence, increased motivation, and often more money. 

Plus, a more positive impact on the world at large

Benefits of Collaboration

Has someone ever said something to you and it felt like a "Blinding Flash of the Obvious"? Often we know what needs to be done, but we're too close to things when we're facing a challenge. 

It's also been dscribed as you can't read the label when you're in the bottle. 

This is where a coach and a collaberative community can help. 

They can ask questions, hear things you're missing and then share things that have worked for them or others they know. 

Brenda Lewis Prior to working with Valerie, I wasn't making much progress and feeling stuck... Valerie also helps me a lot with the stories I tell myself that aren't true. She is able to both encourage and challenge me. I recommend working with her in any way you can.

Terri Olson Prior to working with Valerie, my successful business was enjoyable, but still missing something. Since recovering that lost vision and continuing to work with Valerie, ... I'm also re-energized in my business, thinking more strategically and business is booming, allowing me to protect more small business owners​.

What's In It For You?

Lean brain science and tips resulting in breakthroughs and insights to overcome the thoughts and self-talk that's holding you back.


Clarity as to what's important to you, enabling you to set congruent goals and stay focused in a noisey world.

Twelve weeks of accountability with weekly video meetings with instruction and brainstorming to solve members pressing challenges.

Access to me, my wealth of knowledge and experience and my gift of connecting, that will both challenge and encourage you.

A community of growth minded, action taking business owners who can relate to your challenges and give you a different perspective.

You will get a minimum of two extended spotlight/branstorming sesstions for your current challenge (business or personal).

Other members spotlights will often help you too.

Charter Member Bonus 

A 30 Minute Private Call to review you Clarity (WHY) Worksheet helping you to connect with your purpose/calling/core values. This will help you stay focused in a noisey world and do the activities that will get you where you want to go.

Extras or Specials on Future Collaboratives


YES IF.....

You're ready to invest in yourself and contribute to the other members of the collaberative.

You can commit to attending a minimum of 10 out of 12 sessions. When you're gone your input is missed and is vital to the group.

You're willing to learn, do some self examination, and consider different perspectives.

NO IF...

You want to remain married to your excuses and not look for solutions.

You all ready know it all. In that case start your own group.

You're only concerned about what you'll get and aren't willing to give and contribute.

What To Expect

Accountability and Encouragement Weekly video calls through Zoom sharing wins and goals

Education You'll learn how your IDENTITY & BELIEFS affect your THOUGHTS & FEELINGS and how to change them to have better DECISIONS & ACTIONS giving you better RESULTS

Spotlights You'll have at least two opportunites over the 12 weeks to bring a challenge you have to the group for us to brainstorm solutions.

Renewed Thinking Weekly information about your brain that has been transformational for my clients.

Feedback and Reinforcement Feedback and different persectives on your challenges, goals and wins. Reinforcement of the new information as you change your thought processes.

Community You'll have the support of other growth minded members and their experiences to help and encourage you on your journey.

Yes I'm In 

I Will Contribute to the Community

  • Improve Your Way of Thinking
  • Get Feedback and Support
  • Get Better Results
  • Be a Charter Member